Our team goes to inexhaustible lengths to design and fabricate enhancements to ensure the best quality and performance. It’s vital to us that everything we add to your vehicle increases its aesthetics, dynamics and purpose.

We’re relentless in achieving a finish that fits with our design beliefs regardless of the time we need to invest. This isn’t necessarily the most cost-effective approach for us, but it is the only way we’ll work. Quality is everything and we will never compromise on it.


For us, it’s never about taking the easy way. In fact, it’s entirely the opposite. The only path we tread is the one that ensures we build the most crafted, durable and beautiful vehicles possible. Regardless of the time it takes. Every little detail matters. Whether it’s mud guards or engine mapping, it’s all precision engineered to perform.

Take our vehicle wraps – they completely reimagine the visual appeal of any of our marques. We precisely apply full wraps, half wraps or any custom works – only ever using 3M for guaranteed performance. Or the DV8 Custom Front Grille. It’s a fastidiously handcrafted, custom-made grille that helps to create the aggressive stealthy look that’s become synonymous with the DV8 style.


The journey to your personal commission can take a few different paths. Firstly, we can enhance your own vehicle, giving it a renewed sense of purpose and bold exterior design.

We can also arrange for the purchase of an entirely new vehicle, ensuring the entire process is seamless and effortless. The only thing you’ll need to consider are what enhancements you’d like to add to your vehicle.

Whichever path you choose, rest assured you’ll enjoy a vehicle that’s unlike anything else.


The suspension we fit to all DV8 vehicles isn’t just an off-the-shelf solution.

Originally, we fitted the leading suspension on the market. However, when we tested it, the suspension was perfect for normal driving conditions but too soft when towing. We then tried a stiffer alternative from a different supplier. The opposite happened – great at towing, too soft a ride.

And so we collaborated directly with Pedders to develop a solution that gave us the best of all worlds. Perfect ride quality, exceptional towing capabilities and incredible longevity.

The result is a market-leading, bespoke setup that’s fitted across our range of vehicles.